Sirius XM Needs To Terminate The Bloviating Eddie Trunk

I hate even giving this imbecile any press but his douchbachary continues when accusing the band Santa Cruz of using backing tracks last week via Twitter:

Anyone who knows the band Santa Cruz knows these guys are accomplished musicians and damn good shredders.  Whatever their motivations were at their show seems to have drawn quite the backlash.  If they wanted publicity they could’ve taken over our Instagram and shredded all day.  Trunk, many of his buddies use backing tracks but never mentions this when he has them on his show.  This guy is nothing more than a cheap empty suit who bloviates about himself for hours a day.  Sirius/XM and the musicians who kiss his ass for publicity should be ashamed of themselves but I understand when you have an album to promote, he has a national audience.  He’s in the same league as Blabbermouth.  Tabloid trash journalism.

If anyone with any brain cells wants to see if Santa Cruz can rock, check out their YouTube here

Trunk does nothing for most guitarists as the independent sites are the ones carrying this genre to the next generation.

This will only happen when the A-lister musicians realize there are much better outlets than Trunks Blovaiting for three hours to promote their album.

We call upon the people at Sirius XM to terminate Trunks contract and get people of substance who will give EVERY guitarist and band a fair shot to reach a national audience and not a select few ‘friends’ that Trunk has on his show daily.

4 thoughts on “Sirius XM Needs To Terminate The Bloviating Eddie Trunk

  1. Yeah, so right, it’s totally this day to use backing tracks for everything from drums to verses. I

  2. Yeah, you’re so right, it’s totally this day to use backing tracks for everything from drums to verses. I whole heartedly agree, that everyone who doesn’t like this awesome and perfectly executed show, doesn’t know shit about music. Because Archie rocks, and has forgotten more about music than most people will learn in a lifetime.
    Fuck Eddie. Fuck that fat producer. And fuck live music!
    Soup & Speed!
    Rock n’ Roll!

  3. Well then. Why did THEY have tapes in their live show at The Whiskey then? For publicity? Fuckin’ stupid way to get some cheap publicity. They aren’t even that good of a band anyway.

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