August 17, 2022
Remembering Shawn Lane And His Legacy

By Andrew Catania

Shawn Lane is the best guitarist that ever existed on earth according to many people. This is because he possessed some unique qualifications in playing guitar that made him stand out. He was well trained in playing guitar, and he could perform at his best whenever given a chance to do so. Playing guitar was the best hobby of Shawn Lane. He played Indian music skillfully and mastered many Indian songs.

As mentioned previously, Shawn Lane was qualified in playing guitar, and he would also be the best in every function he would attend.

He could play guitar faster than anyone else in this society.  This is a skill that never existed in many guitarists of that time and today also. When a guitar is played faster and skillfully, the harmony of the music comes out clearly. Shawn Lane was perfect in this which also made people love the way he played the guitar, and this made him a great guitarist.

He had mastered Indian Music, complex phrasings and blues Indian language is a bit complicated for many people. It takes a lot of time to learn, and this means that even cramming the words in Indian music is usually quite a difficult task to many people.Shawn Lane: One Of The Greatest Of The Greats!
However this was a different case with Shawn Lane, he mastered Indian music and those mentioned above perfectly. He could play the guitar well because he understood the songs, their keys, and their tones.

Playing Pentatonic was a unique skill that many guitarists of that time and today could not achieve. Being pentatonic, Shawn Lane had the capability of playing five tones at one time and fast speed. He had an extra-ordinally speed in guitar playing. It is also important to note that he had high and advanced composing skills than all other guitarists.

He was very versatile playing five tones at one time with his guitar, Shawn Lane was flexible and able to adapt to various styles of music and ways of playing guitar which made him perfect for an invitation to many functions.

He could switch comfortably from one style to another so long as he made his audience comfortable and satisfied, unlike other guitarists who only specified with a particular method and music.

Shawn was Self-Motivated and Self-Educated. The motivation to learn how to play guitar perfectly came from within him. When somebody who has an interest in doing something, he puts more effort to ensure he produces the best results ever.

This self -education and self-motivation is what pushed Shawn Lane to practice and put more effort into learning and perfecting guitar playing which finally made him the best guitarist in the world so to say.

Shawn Lane is one of few that stands out be the best guitarist who ever existed in the world. It is right to say that talent and intrinsic motivation to learn and play guitar is what made him one of the best!

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  1. I found out about Shawn in 1996 and a short time later I signed him to an endorsement deal with Vigier Guitars/FRANCE. During his time with VIGIER, Shawn & I did two, clinic tours in Europe, each about 3 weeks long. During that time, I spend a great deal of time with Shawn not only at the clinics/appearances, but for many hours traveling around Europe. Upon his passing, I now value those times together more than ever. Shawn was like a lot of artists; sensitive, introverted and troubled. Playing guitar became so easy to Shawn, that he had to find harder things to do in order to keep himself challenged. Yes, he could play the highest “NPS” (notes per second) than anyone I’ve ever seen or heard, but he saw that as flashy & not who he really was. But of course, the crowds loved it. Shawn loved the guitar playing of many others but held a special place in his heart for 2 musicians who he would always speak of so respectfully. Pakistani musician & vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn is what Shawn would listen to before many performances. He loved the intertwining of the instrument with vocals. He listend to him all the time. He also had great respect and a certain fondness for Buckethead. Bucket once went of of his way to come see Shawn’s clinic in Amsterdam and our evening out together later than night was legendary for a guitar guy like me. Like Bucket, Shawn loved the cinema and each was especially fond of quirky, perhaps B-rated horror movies. Bucket had great respect for Shawn and vice-versa. But Shawn was never in great health and it didn’t help that he engaged in a lifestyle that worked against him. He led a sometimes troubled personal life and, like the Dutch painter he so admired (Johannes Vermeer) he never achieved the fame/money/recognition he deserved despite his extrordinary, musical gift. Shawn left us too suddenly and way too young but that’s a story not uncommon with musical genius, it seems. What I can tell his many old and new fans is that Shawn Lane was a pioneer, a painter of tone, a multi-instrumentalist, a lover of great art and a guitar hero who’s audiences usually included more guitar players than bar flys. Shawn was unique and I will always seek to remind the world of this any time I can find the opportunity. His works are timeless & I invite newer fans to listen to his work. What you will hear is the work of a man that gave everything he had to his instrument and his music. And thankfully, that music will live forever. RIP buddy.

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