Sevendust Knocks It Out Of The Park With 'Blood & Stone'

Sevendust Knocks It Out Of The Park With ‘Blood & Stone’

By Samantha “Sammie” Lincoln 

I have the privilege of writing this review on Blood and Stone from the best band on the planet. Sevendust, whom I’ve been following and listening to since 2000.

They never disappoint, including this time around with their 13th record, Blood and Stone. I believe this is one of their strongest ones yet and it’s just what we needed right now. It feels like it really hits home especially with what’s going on in the world around us today which I’m sure most can relate to.

Sevendust most certainly has arrived!! But are we surprised? They hit Top 10 on the Billboard charts for 2020 with this record and I can definitely see and feel why.

Blood and Stone is a feel-good album. If you’re having a tough day just play this album and I guarantee you at least one song will speak to you. You can literally feel the riffs, the lyrics, the blood, (and stone) the sweat and tears that the band put into making this sound incredible. It’s a very well written and produced record!

From the first song on the album, “Dying to Live” (The music video speaks for itself) to the last song, “The day I Tried to Live”. I feel like every song tells a story and the album is like a handbook especially for living in a time like this. I think this album will help a lot of people try to overcome the changes that the world has brought upon us. They made this album with that in mind, to help try to change the way we are living. It’s like they are trying to save us during these trying times. Another reason to love them! Sevendust saves lives! I’ve heard that a lot from other fans as well. They just bring people close together and that’s what we need. Keeping social distancing in mind of course.

This is definitely not a song skipping album. It’s like if you skip a song you will miss something in life. I am so proud to be not only a fan of the guys in Sevendust but also family as they call all their fans family members. These guys are so humble and incredible which makes me want to listen to them even more.

If you haven’t checked out the new album Blood and Stone I really think you should put it on your to-do list, You won’t be disappointed and it could really help put things into perspective! It’s in stores now and on all online platforms.



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  1. Every word spoken (written) with truth. The album is amazing and every song is great and does tell a story. Most people should be able to relate to at least one, if not multiple or even all the songs. Get it on any music platform. You won’t be sorry. Great review Sammie 👍

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