Rob Rock - Invisible To The Masses, An Icon To Those Who Know

Rob Rock – Invisible To The Masses, An Icon To Those Who Know

Being the frontman is supposed to be the most well-known person in the band.  What happens when the guitarist of the band is world-renowned?  Welcome To Rob Rock’s world.

Rob has been the voice of Impellitteri on and off for over thirty years.  He’s done several solo albums and rejoined Impellitteri for 2009’s release of Wicked Maiden.  Since being signed with Frontiers, Rob has done vocals on Impellitteri’s 2015’s release of Venom and 2018’s release of The Nature Of The BeastChris Impellitteri sings Rob’s praises every chance he can get.  Chris is in the same boat as Rob as being underappreciated and ignored by the large music sites.

So why isn’t Rob more well-known? For starters, he’s not your typical Hollywood frontman that has a history of substance abuse and now can tell people how they’re clean now.  No endless stories about how much drugs he did, makeup, or spandex.

What do you get with Rob Rock?

You get an extremely down-to-earth, humble man who is serious about his Christian faith.  He’s also got one hell of a voice!

Rob might not have the star power of some Hollywood frontman but what he lacks in fame he makes up for it in talent and is more talented than many of his peers in more well-known bands.

Impellitteri is working on their new album with a potential 2022 release.  Will we hear any new solo music from Rob? Details soon!

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