Revolution Saints Light In The Dark, A Powerful, Superb Record With Great Musicianship

By Andrew Catania

If there is one thing the current Rock and Metal landscape is overpopulated with, it is these so-called “Supergroups.”  They usually come in different genres of music.  There are the burn-out bands who continue until they turn to ashes. Then you have the ones that seem like you’re getting a bunch of session musicians together for no reason what so ever.   Then you have Revolution Saints.  I call them Deen Castronova’s version of Journey.

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Formed in 2014 by three of the most talented and revered musicians in the music industry, the three members of Revolution Saints have resumes a thousand miles long; Doug Aldrich ( Whitesnake, Dio, The Dead Daisies) on guitar, Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees) on bass and Deen Castronovo (Journey, Ozzy Osbourne, Hardline) on drums and lead vocals. Now they are back with their sophomore album Light In The Dark.”

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The album opens with the rather uplifting title track “Light In The Dark” – a  rocker with Aldrich’s superb guitar playing taking center stage. Possibly even more impressive is Castronovo’s singing – with all the melodic sense of Journey’s very best work, his voice is just brilliant. “Freedom” is a mid-tempo rocker with a big emotional punch. The religious themes of salvation and freedom sound like Castronovo truly liberated here, both personally and musically – it’s a theme that runs through the entire album.

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Ride On” is a brilliant AOR number with a huge chorus and a stand-back-and-watch Aldrich solo while the piano-led ballad “I Wouldn’t Change A Thingwhich is a tear jerker of a song that punches you in the gut about certain things in life. Aldrich’s playing in the rain for the video is brilliant I cringe when I see Alessandro Del Vecchio producing.  He tends to overproduce and overpolish records.  With Light in the Dark, he does it right,  Balancing the melodic sound without overproducing it.

Revolution Saints sophomore album lives up to the expectations I have with this kind of talent.  They’ve knocked it out the park.  The most important thing to me about this album is that Deen Castronova is back and he’s kicking ass and taking names.  Deen is a legend.  He’s been a drummer in many of my guitar heroes solo records.  Doug Aldrich is a superb guitarist.  Jack Blades is fantastic.

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In the end, Light in the Dark lives up to everything a sophomore album should be and from a “supergroup.” Revolution Saints have delivered a superior album.

Side note to Neal Schon, if you plan on cleaning house in Journey, might I suggest you bring back Deen for vocals and percussion.  Hearing him sing those old Journey classics would be amazing!

Welcome back, Deen!  9.5/10 Rating

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