Review: Tremonti’s A Dying Machine – All That Shreds First 10/10 Album

By Andrew Catania

Tremonti returns with their fourth studio album, A Dying Machine, via Napalm Records, June 8th. Not only do we see the return of Tremonti, but also we get their first concept album, one which will be accompanied by a novel written by Tremonti himself and John Shirley.

Tremonti came across the idea for A Dying Machine while touring with Alter Bridge, and put things in motion for this savage album which is rich in Tremonti’s signature sound and more.  Guitar riffs with killer guitar solos and Mark’s fluid vocal style will keep the fan base happy without the idea of a concept album challenging them too much.

Review: Tremonti's A Dying Machine - All That Shreds First 10/10 Album

Best known as the guitarist of the rock band Creed and Alter BridgeMark Tremonti returns with his founded and fronted rock band Tremonti. The Orlando, Florida based band first debuted in 2012, signed to FRET 12 Records releasing ‘All I Was’ on July 17, 2012, and reaching the number five spot on Billboard’s Top Hard Rock Albums. Tremonti’s follow up ‘Cauterize’, released June 8, 2015, at the same time recorded their third album ‘Dust’ which was later released on April 29, 2016. Now with Napalm RecordsTremonti is set to release ‘A Dying Machine’ in 2018.

A Dying Machine’ contains 14 power driven tracks varying in intensity with tracks like album opener Bringer Of War, title track A Dying Machine and closer Found. Each track gets stronger and stronger as the album progresses, the intensity drives the album beginning to end. Typical in fashion, Tremonti delivers with their new release. Their new 2018 release is Tremonti’s fourth full-length studio release as well as their first release since signing with Napalm Records, the album was produced by well-known producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette. The 2018 release showcases Mark’s unique songwriting and his signature vocal style, backed by scorching riffs and fiery solos heard throughout.

A very easy album to listen to, Tremonti’s songwriting is first class, with brutal and battering guitar riffs fused with melodic and easy-on-the-ear hooks to keep the balance just right. With a guitarist synonymous with Creed and Alter Bridge and the quality of songwriting within, many who may be unfamiliar with Tremonti as a solo artist could assume that it may not match the heights of the aforementioned bands. But rest assured A Dying Machine is a beauty in its own right.

This is Tremonti’s best album to date.  I’m not dismissing his previous albums as they’re all great albums in their own right.  I’ve never given a record a perfect 10/10 as I never think an album is “perfect.”  A Dying Machine has Tremonti hitting on all cylinders.  It’s an absolute must have that just strengthens the Tremonti brand and will keep his army of fans more than happy for a little while yet. My sites first 10/10 Rating

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