Review: Stryper’s “God Damn Evil” By All That Shreds Magazine

When I interviewed Michael Sweet last month, he told me “God Damn Evil” is a prayer request for the evil that we deal with on a daily basis.  Stryper was receiving criticism on their 10th album release’s title.  This platinum-selling Christian metal legend has long seen it as part of their passage towards salvation in walking in the footsteps of martyrs before them.  Sweet says this is Stryper’s heaviest album to date.  While that’s debatable, there are songs on GDE that do have a heavy sound to it.

The first single released was “Take It To The Cross.”  I was hoping the rest of this album wouldn’t have the tacky, forced screaming chant “Take It To The Cross.”  Thankfully, the record does get better.  “Sorry,” which is the second single release, has an excellent groove to it.

Robert Sweet is a great drummer.  You can hear him pounding on his kit in every song.  The sterling solo’s between Michael Sweet, and Oz Fox is quite good.  Newcomer Perry Richardson has some heavy bass mixes on songs like “Own Up.

GDE is overall a pretty good album.  There are some tacky points like the chorus “Take It To The Cross.”  8.0/10

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