Review: Impellitteri Unleashes The Beast On Their New Album

By Andrew Catania

Impellitteri sure has released the beast with “The Nature Of The Beast.”  With his technical perfection, phrasing second to none and a tone that can’t be replicated, Chris Impellitteri and Company create a mind-blowing, highly energetic, and thrilling new musical adventure.  The group is on fire with shredding guitar solos, speed metal drumming, pounding bass playing and vocals reminiscent of Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford in their prime.

Impellitteri continues to carry the torch for guitar driven heavy metal that’s second to none.  Yet, certain “magazines” or “sites” have often ignored the band.   Chris Impellitteri’s guitar playing is majestic. His fretboard wizardry is astonishing, fierce, and influential. All the while Rob Rocks vocal performance is sensational and proves he is one of the most versatile vocalists in metal today. The rhythm section featuring the monstrous bass playing from James Pulli and the band’s mind-boggling drumming and percussion team create a musical groove that is addictive!

Photo taken in West Hills on 07/28/18.

A genre like speed metal, where the focus is on technical prowess, is left in the dust. People who shouldn’t be let close to a stage or recording booth are given record deals while playing instruments is framed as ‘dated.’ To make matters worse, the industry has no qualms about pushing music with auto-tuned vocals over the same beat with slight variations.

On “The Nature of the Beast”, it rocks from song 1 “Hypocrisy” to the 12th “Shine On“.  the highly energetic remake of Black Sabbath’s Symptoms of the Universe”; and the speed metal cover of “Phantom of The Opera” do the original songs proud.

Photo taken in West Hills on 07/28/18.

Chris Impellitteri is a heavy metal god. This is a fact that true metal aficionados would efficiently relay to anyone asking about the genre’s titans.  For the magazines, publications, and websites that have ignored or haven’t covered Impellitteri in the past, if you don’t after listening to this masterpiece, you’re quite foolish.  10/10 Rating

Impellitteri recorded The Nature Of The Beast in Los Angeles, California with Legendary engineer/ producer Mike Plotnikoff (Van Halen, Aerosmith, In Flames), Mix engineer Greg Reely ( Overkill, Fear Factory, IMPELLITTERI ) and engineers Jun Murakawa and Sean Shannon.


  1. Hypocrisy
  2. Masquerade
  3. Run For Your Life
  4. Phantom Of The Opera
  5. Gates Of Hell
  6. Wonder World
  7. Man Of War
  8. Symptom Of The Universe
  9. Do You Think I’m Mad
  10. Fire It Up
  11. Kill The Beast
  12. Shine On  Produced by Impellitteri and Greg Reely
Photo taken in West Hills on 07/28/18.


Chris Impellitteri – Lead Guitar

Rob Rock – Lead Vocals

James Pulli – Bass

Jon Dette – Drums

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