Review: Dokken Return To The East Live 2016

By Andrew Catania

Dokken’s faithful fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of this new live CD/DVD.  “It’s Another Day” is a new studio track where Lynch, Pilson, and Brown sound fantastic together.  Even with Don’s voice being autotuned, it sounds meh.

The live part of the CD opens with Kiss of DeathDokken goes through the hits that made them famous.  The fake crowd cheering that’s pumped into this CD is very cheesy.  The live DVD you can tell there’s still that tension/standoffish body language between Don and George.  They were up front that they were doing this for the money.

There are two acoustical songs.  Heaven Sent and Will The Sun Rise. The Dokken faithful will order this bundle still holding on to the hope that the group still sounds like they did 30 years ago.  Lynch, Pilson, and Brown sound great.  George sounds like the guitar legend that he is.  Even the current lineup of Dokken, the band sounds terrific including shredmaster Jon Levin.  Don’s voice is well beyond expired.  If you watch any clips on YouTube of there recent performance at the Whiskey this past weekend, you can see Don is slurring some of his words on some songs.

Review: Dokken Return To The East Live 2016
Photo by Kevin Baldes

Lynch, Pilson, and Brown did a side project called T&N.  I’d recommend if they want to keep the Dokken flag going to revive T&N.

For the Dokken faithful, I’d recommend sticking with Breast From The East live.  The current lineup of Dokken, the band sounds fantastic.  Jon Levin is one of the best guitarists out there.   Unfortunately, as Don gets older, his voice is deteriorating.  Do I expect him to sound like he did 30 years ago?  Absolutely not.  But, I don’t expect them to cheat loyal Dokken fans out of their hard earned money with pumped in crowd noise and autotuning Don’s voice either. 7.5/10 Rating.

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