Review: Burning Witches Debut Album & Burning Witches Burning Alive

By Andrew Catania

When I first heard Burning Witches on YouTube, I knew these hard-hitting metal ladies from Switzerland were going to be very successful.  I knew a label was going to sign them and low and behold, Nuclear Blast picked them up.

Whether it be their latest effort, Hexenhammer, or the rerelease of Burning Witches Burning Alive, the Rob Halford like soaring vocals of Seraina Tellis or the killer riffs of Romana Kalkuhl, these ladies mean business and have put forth amazing music.

Seraina’s impressive clear vocals are nevertheless still in the foreground. Together with the lead guitars, she creates some great melodies that instantly settle in the auditory canals. With “Metal Demons” but also a straightforward mid-tempo Thrasher has crept in, in which especially the extremely high screams stand out. The guitars come out very well. Regardless of whether with rip-off riffs offered or careful guitar arpeggios: The guitar sound brings out every little detail.

Lala Frischknecht’s drums sound hard hitting and powerful.  Sonia Nusselder’s riff compliments Romana’s and make them a legit dual threat. Jay Grob’s bass playing fits in quite nicely.

The lady witches do a great cover of Dio’s Holy Diver.

There isn’t one bad song on their debut album or Hexenhammer.  The musicianship cannot be overstated as impeccable.

As with any European band, the chances of us seeing the lady witches in the US are slim as the cost of touring stateside along with visas are astronomical.   In a country where EDM or other various music that doesn’t require a lot of talent that’s starving for good music, a promoter would be insane not to try and bring these ladies to the states and open for a Judas Priest to introduce them to the masses.  Burning Witches are the real deal!  10/10 Rating.

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