ReverbNation Featured Artist Ray Ray Star

Ray Ray Star comes at you like a Rock and Roll Atomic Bomb repeatedly firing off in your face!  In a time when real rock and roll lost its way, comes Ray Ray Star.

Ray Ray Star’s sound is real Arena Rock (in the same vein of Rival Sons, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Slash, Motorhead) that makes you want to light things on fire, rip the heads off your sister’s dolls and launch bottle rockets at your principles house!

ReverbNation Featured Artist Ray Ray Star

Ray Ray Star is about to release his latest single:
Feelin” featuring Nick Weber (VOX) of Pigeon Park(2013 Vancouver Seeds Winners), Ricardo Viana (Drums) of Falling For Scarlet, Ray Ray Star (GTR).

The Single, “Behind The Sun” is One Hell of a Barn Burner! Killer 70’s Feel! All music and Lyrics by Ray Ray Star Featuring – Ray Ray Star (GTR), Ray Boulay (VOX – Deadwax Collective), Pierre Pressure (Bass – Blasting Scones), Mitch Budensky (Drums – Boxfiller).

The single, “Fastback Midnight” is an instant hit reminiscent of the Who, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin. All music and lyrics by Ray Ray Star
Featuring Ray Ray Star (GTR and Bass), Shawn Gairdner (Drums – Testament, Dead City Scandal), Aaron Grant (VOX – Swan)

Hold your devil horns high, cause here comes Ray Ray Star! \m/ \m/

When does this guy slow down???

ReverbNation Featured Artist Ray Ray Star

When he’s not working on his solo project, Ray Ray is currently playing with a great new band:

Falling for Scarlet – Female lead, the punch-you-in-the-face rock and roll band!  What would happen if you combined Meagan Fox with Debra Harry and tossed her in front of a band that sounds like My Chemical Romance and Paramore??? You get Falling For Scarlet, an alternative rock/pop band. Falling For Scarlet’s music is energetic, heavy guitar driven but still has a massively melodic beating heart. Lee Tomachefski (Reality TV/Movie Star) fronts this classic trifecta and is backed by the talents of guitarist- Ray Ray Star (2NR TV Host), guitarist- Ryan Chamberlain (Forty Foot Echo), bassist Andrew Marks (Finding Friday) and Drummer- Ricardo Viana (Fear Zero). Falling For Scarlet’s debut EP, Army Of One, was recorded with Darren Grahn (Before The Curtain, Metallica) and mixed by Randy Staub (Metallica, Bon Jovi, Our Lady Peace, etc.).

ReverbNation Featured Artist Ray Ray Star

In between all this:

Ray Ray Star hosts:
2NR – A Brand New TV Show

It is a great new multimedia news and entertainment platform built by artists for artists and powered by you the fans. Watch exclusive interviews & video releases, check out the latest news from your favorite artists/groups and share all of it with your friends.
Through Interviewing and broadcasting through social media, 2NR helps indie, up and coming music artists and larger bands get exposure, tell their story and have their music heard.

Our first episode, we covered the 2013 Vancouver Music Industry Awards. Hosted by Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, ACDC), Jeff Dawson (Marianna’s Trench). The show brings together the biggest names in the Vancouver Music Industry. Money raised will go to the Music Cares Foundation.
Ray Ray Star is currently endorsed by Jet City Amplification, Obey Clothing, Thirty Seven Inc., Sandman Hotels, and Suites.


Lethal Virus (1985-1989)

Progressive Youth (1989-1990)

Big City Groove (1990)

Cat’s Game (1990-1994)

Superchief (1996-2001)

Boxfiller (2007-2008)

Full Leather Jacket (2013)

Falling For Scarlet (2013 – Present)

Ray Ray Star (2008-Present)

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