August 18, 2022
ReverbNation Artist Born Of Scars

Born of Scars is a female fronted, modern hard rock band based out of Queens, NY. The band is currently releasing their current CD “Circles.” An accomplished musical unit, Born of Scars has performed at The Bamboozle Festival and opened for national acts Fuel, Tantric, and many others. Though many musical comparisons to the band have been drawn they all fall short. Born of Scars mixes melodic vocal lines with soul piercing lyrics and bone crushing rhythms. The result is a unique sound that audiences can immediately relate to yet at the same time feel intrigued by. The band members are truly top notch musicians with musical roots spread across all genres of the musical spectrum. Each member’s mastery of their instrument is evident in “Circles.” Though many opportunities have presented themselves to the band, they have stayed independent to this point, but that may soon be changing. Keep an eye on Born of Scars, 2018 will prove to be a big year for the band.


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