Record Review: Projected’s ‘Ignite My Insanity’

By Contributing Writer Debbie Acenas

A lot of heavy riffs and high energy coming through the speakers with the super group “Projected’s” new two disc album “Ignite my Insanity,” the band’s second album since the release of their 2012 debut album “Human.” The band’s frontman John Connolly returns with Sevendust band mate Vince Hornsby on bass, Scott “Flip” Phillips of Creed and Alter Bridge on drums and Tremonti guitarist Eric Friedman.

Record Review:  Projected's 'Ignite My Insanity'

The album features 21 tracks of pure gold with featured tracks such as the albums two singles “Reload” and “Ignite.” Album offers more heaviness with tracks such as “Vain” and “Gomorrah” while taking an acoustic turn with “Faith.” “Reload” and “Ignite,” the albums featured singles highlight the album with articulate and dynamic drums provided by Scott Phillips and carried by lead vocalist John Connolly who takes us through the album with well-written lyrics and strong performance. The band delivers a solid performance as they sync well with one another such as in songs like “Only” which pumps you up with double pedaling drums and heavy guitar riffs.

The album starts with the opening track strike which builds anticipation with its fourth coming vibe setting the mood for the rest of the album. This track seems to tie in the album cover bringing to mind a slow motion explosion of the mind into madness as the rise of the character depicted on the albums cover commences. “Reload” kicks it off with chest pounding drumming, heavy riffs and high energy that carries us through the first few songs until coming to “Faith.” Here we slow it down with some acoustic guitar playing which sets an uplifting vibe that draws us into every word from Connolly. The track offers a moment of reflection and allows the listener to stop and reflect on whatever they may be faced with in their own lives. We transition into the next track following “Faith” with “Gomorrah” and continue through with the gratifying vocals and heavy drums and guitar displayed on the rest of the album. The album concludes with its most massive track “Battlestar” on a site that takes us on a story which seems to reflect broken promises and about facing and tackling the problems head on.

Record Review:  Projected's 'Ignite My Insanity'

The band’s second album delivers a high powered performance with a trip through insanity as it gazes into love and all the chaos and madness in and through it. This album offers plenty of head banging and rock horns in the air. A must have this summer! 8/10 Stars.

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