Ratt’s “New Breed” Is Moving Forward With Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier

The new breed of RATT, led by founding members vocalist Stephen Pearcy and bassist, vocalist Juan Croucier, will relaunch its well-storied hard rock brand this summer with a teaser of tour dates that foreshadow a schedule that will keep the band busy through the end of the year into 2019.

While RATT has evolved over several decades and endured various incarnations, this “new breed” of RATT promises to bring a renewed energy to the band.

“We have not had an all-original member line up since 1991 and sadly with the passing of Robbin Crosby, that chapter is over,” said Pearcy. “However, if you still want to see the original band, there are many videos on YouTube and other places to enjoy. That was a fucking great band, but I guarantee that the new breed of RATT that we put on stage every night will be in your face, energized and fully engaged. Simply put, the band our fans deserve.”

The band promises to deliver a show heavy in the hits from their biggest albums which
sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Being one of the original Sunset Strip hard rock bands of the ’80s, RATT with the quadruple platinum-selling debut “Out of The Cellar” began their infestation. The band continues to grow their global fan base to this day, as new fans discover RATT through streaming services like Spotify, songs in movies, tv and new youth-oriented shows. The band is planning new tracks for 2019, along with a worldwide tour in support of “Out of The Cellar“‘s 35th anniversary.

“Naturally, we are excited about the future of RATT,” declared Croucier, continuing: “Our long-term goals are still the same: give the RATT fans the highest quality shows possible — period. The evolution of the band has had many twists and turns. We are looking to the future, and to the many good times ahead. We are moving forward with — the new breed of RATT

Perhaps the new breed of RATT should be to retire the name? Pearcy has a successful solo career and Croucier could land in any band and make an immediate impact.  Warren Demartini is the backbone of this band.  Without Demartini, This “new breed” of RATT is just going to be an empty suit.

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  1. I love this magazine. Great info and stories. # Number1
    Love Ratt cant wait to hear thier new line up.
    Best Wishes to them.
    Russell Zak

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