Randy Hansen “Schools” Wisdome LA Crowd On His 65TH Birthday

Concert Review by Andrew Banks


This evening at the Wisdome in Los Angeles, we were treated to and blown away by a high energy Randy Hansen performance that accurately depicts Jimi Hendrix live.  More than four decades in, there is no slowing down in sight for Randy as he combines Jimi’s spirit and style with his own personal guitar technique.  After his incendiary and shredding performance, Producer and Guitarist Roy Z said it best…

“Randy Hansen is a Jimi Hendrix Educator!”  

Randy Hansen "Schools" Wisdome LA Crowd On His 65TH Birthday

This, his response after sharing with Roy Z (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Fight, Yngwie Malmsteen, Helloween and his band Tribe of Gypsies) that I have always felt Randy is much more than a tribute to Hendrix!!  Not only does he transcend the music of Jimi Hendrix so perfectly, but he also has a solo career that includes ONE supergroup and SIX non-Hendrix studio efforts.  So basically he has a dual career, one as a solo artist and the other paying tribute to his number one musical influence.  Add his contributions to four motion pictures, most notably “Apocalypse Now”, and you have one of the most fascinating and respected performers in the music industry!

When Randy began impersonating Hendrix in the mid 70’s, tribute acts were not prevalent.  There were a slew of Elvis impersonators along with the occasional hokey Beatles cover band.  Randy may very well be the FIRST Legit Hard Rock Tribute Act in music history.  Unarguably, he is the longest-running Rock Tribute in history!!  Today the Rock Tribute scene continues to grow leaps and bounds and Randy has had a hand in fueling this fire with his accurate performances of Jimi Hendrix over the past four-plus decades.  So while Randy modestly embraces the term Tribute Band, he deserves a better title.  Thanks to Roy Z he has it… “The Jimi Hendrix Educator”.  I’d like to add, as a pioneer and innovator he is no doubt the “The Godfather of Rock Tribute Bands” and a “Certified Shred OG!”

Randy Hansen "Schools" Wisdome LA Crowd On His 65TH Birthday


Together, venue and performer make for an impressive and unique experience.  The Wisdome is located in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles.  It is the only 360 VR music venue in existence!  The crowd is immersed in an audio/visual performance that allows you a choice…  stand, upright seating, fully reclined or even lie on the floor.  Psychedelic images are projected onto a 100 ft. high, 360-degree sphere during the performance.  It is worth your time to travel to LA, as we did, to see Randy perform at this venue in early 2020!  Rumor has it first quarter of 2020 he may return.  Don’t miss it!  Click on the two 45 second YouTube LINKs below and see for yourself what the Wisdome is all about…


Taking the stage at 64 years of age, he left the show nearly 2.5 hours later and celebrated his 65th birthday.  He could not have been happier performing on his birthday by sharing the experience with family, friends and industry peers.   Randy has the respect and adulation of fans and celebrities alike.  Jimi’s brother Leon Hendrix was in attendance and surprised the crowd by joining Randy on stage for a rousing rendition of ‘Red House’.  The set included several Hendrix classics with extended or modified versions.  Randy’s favorite song, ‘1983… A Merman I Should Turn To Be’ was included.

Randy Hansen "Schools" Wisdome LA Crowd On His 65TH Birthday

The setlist ran as follows…

Sgt. Pepper

Hey Joe

Foxey Lady

Stone Free

Are You Experienced (Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds – The Beatles)


I Don’t Live Today

Little Wing

If 6 Was 9

Machine Gun

Spanish Castle Magic

1983… A Merman I Should Turn To Be

All Along The Watchtower

Voodoo Chile (into a Lenny Kravitz stylized version of American Woman originally by The Guess Who)


Red House (with Jimi’s brother Leon Hendrix)

Purple Haze

Star-Spangled Banner

Here are FOUR short video snippets of the LA Wisdome performance.  Ufo Walter on bass and Rick Spano on drums.

Randy Hansen "Schools" Wisdome LA Crowd On His 65TH Birthday

Support Shred OGs like Randy Hansen by seeing them live, buying merch and supporting their endorsees!  To learn more about Randy Hansen and his storied career, listen to the Shred OG Podcast below…


Also, watch this separate YouTube clip of Ufo Walter performing his Machine Gun bass solo.  Ufo can play all the Hendrix leads note for note on bass.  He is one bad ass MoFo from Dusseldorf Germany!



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  1. If you want to Experience Jimi’s music today you MUST go see Randy Hansen! Just close your eyes during Randy’s show and Jimi’s soul will enter and encompass you…..open your eyes and Jimi will appear before you in the flesh. Randy is not only a genuine man but he’s humbly gracious and a pure joy to experience. Thank you Mr. Hansen for ALL that you do to keep Jimi’s music alive today and filling my heart with the beautiful music you continue to play.

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