June 2, 2023
Quiet Riot Set To Release Road Rage On August 4th

By Andrew Catania

Frankie Banali is back reinventing the wheel one more time with ‘Road Rage.’ Quiet Riot has a new singer in James Durbin.  ‘Road Rage‘ was rerecorded with James Durbin after Frankie Banali decided with Durbin’s vocals, it would sound more authentic.

Banali’s actions to slowly kill the band’s name and reputation overshadows ‘Road Rage’s’ decent production.

Perhaps Banali should’ve changed the name of the band.  If a group should ride off into the sunset, It’s Quiet Riot.  Randy Rhoads and Kevin Dubrow would be rolling in their graves the way Banali is making a mockery of a band that had these two legends as members.

1 thought on “Quiet Riot Set To Release Road Rage On August 4th

  1. This is always a tough call. A band attempting to remain relevant while missing essential members normally flounders! If it was me, I would still make my best attempt and drive forward with full energy! GW

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