Queensryche’s Todd La Torre: One Of Metal’s Best Vocalists

By Andrew Catania

Todd La Torre is one of metal’s best vocalists today.  I am not saying that because of his time with Queensryche.  Todd has been successful before he joined Queensryche with a band called Crimson Glory.  Watch the below video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I met Todd briefly coming off Queensryche’s tour bus when they were last in Orlando interview Michael Wilton.  We exchanged pleasantries and carried on.  That night I saw Queensryche, it just confirmed why he’s one of metals best vocalist.

Todd had big shoes to fill replacing Geoff Tate.  He’s made his own footprint with the Queensryche albums he’s been on.  They get better and better,  Ryche before Todd came in was stale and the music wasn’t very good.  Todd gave the band the kick in the balls it needed.  Geoff is doing great on his own and is still very good, too.

Todd’s latest solo album, ‘Rejoice In The Suffering‘, offers a glimpse of La Torre’s vocal abilities outside of Queensryche.

If you haven’t picked up or listened too Todd’s latest album, I highly recommend it.  I truly believe the next Queensryche album is going to be some of their best material that I’d put up against there 1980’s material.

Screw who’s suing who over what.  When’s the next Ryche album coming out?

One thought on “Queensryche’s Todd La Torre: One Of Metal’s Best Vocalists

  1. Todd is an ok singer and that’s it. He has no true power in his vocal, it turns to screaming rather than singing when he tries to be powerful …and it’s just leaves you disappointed. Haven’t cared for the new QR stuff at all.

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