Queensryche Frontman Todd La Torre’s New Solo Album ‘Rejoice In The Suffering’ Kicks Major Ass

Queensryche frontman Todd La Torre’s new album, ‘Rejoice In The Suffering,’ is an album I’ve been waiting for since RatPak posted a photo saying coming in 2017.  It was well worth the four-year wait!

Rejoice In The Suffering is a heavier album than any Queensryche album he’s been on.  So a word of caution to any Ryche fans looking for a Queensryche similar album.  Todd showcases many facets of his vocal range.

Todd teamed up with longtime friend and collaborator Craig Blackwell and alongside producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris created a diverse heavy metal album that draws influence from different styles. These styles will surprise fans who only know La Torre from his previous work with Queensrÿche or Crimson Glory before that.

There isn’t one bad song on this album.  Todd really knocked this out of the park and Chris did an amazing job at production as usual.

What would be amazing is if future Queensryche albums get this heavy!

Rejoice In The Suffering comes out on February 5, 2021.  There are merch bundles available here

Queensryche Frontman Todd La Torre's New Solo Album 'Rejoice In The Suffering' Kicks Major Ass

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