Psykotribe Takes You On A Twisted Ride With "The Devil's Complex"

Psykotribe Takes You On A Twisted Ride With “The Devil’s Complex”

 By Alyson Kingsley

“The world suffers violence, and the violent shall take it by force.”~Reverend Jim Jones

  Now, this right here is right up my alley. Extreme metal group Psykotribe is from Tampa, Florida. As the weathered veterans of metal remember, Florida was once the breeding ground for the US death metal scene. Over a few short years of doing reviews, it seems that I am seeing a revival of extreme “underground ” metal from our southern friends. PSYKOTRIBE has recently completed a tour supporting Six Feet Under as well as thrashers Master. The band members are vocalists Dana Darkly and Jakob Sin, guitarists Jamez Madness, John Williams, and Chris Lewis, bassist Chad Zielesch, and drummer Adam Zielesch. Known for their vast amounts of energy, they have also shared the stage with Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel, The Faceless, Combichrist, Cradle of Filth, Mushroomhead, Doll Skin, Goatwhore, The Agonist, Soilwork, Doyle, Mortiis and Thy Art is Murder, among many others.

   On to the album “The Devil’s Complex,” a twisted ride through tortuous riffs, aggressive vocals, and pure pandemonium. What I enjoy even most about PSYKOTRIBE is they cannot be pigeonholed into one category of metal. They blend some thrash, elements of black metal, death metal, and even some traditional metal.

  In the song “End It,” we even feature some bass riffs by Dave Ellefson (Megadeth). With this track, I get a black n’ roll vibe, and it would almost fit perfectly on an early Wednesday 13 or a Murderdolls album. Another noteworthy song is “Faceless Killers” admittedly because I dig the war-ready drumming.  This song will hype you up in the pit with its eccentric ascending style. “Devil’s Complex ” is sure to breed, chaos and I imagine it sounds badass played live. Definitely some hints of black metal mixed in. 

   I also dig “Vengeance,” and it is undoubtedly a song one can refer to when that one person drives you to the brink. Be warned; it’s not going to calm you. Nothing on this album is calm, but it’s steeped in the darkest creative juices that I have heard in a very long while. Not to be missed.

Score: 9.5/10

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