August 17, 2022
Pros and Cons of Using a String Dampener

By Andrew Catania

They say knowledge and secrets are hard to distinguish. The knowledge of striking strings of the guitar to make sound is hard to compare with the secret of using a string dampener (hair band/rubber band) to modify tune.

Audio production using guitars ring a bell too many ears. The playing of the instrument called guitar is a type of a generated and developed by great artists and to put more flesh on the sketch; string dampener application has chipped in more sound flavor. And indeed the playing of guitar rings a bell to the ears!

String Dampener is pirating on the guitar art. The authentic guitar lovers express different genuine opinions on the picture painted by the use of the string dampener on guitar. A big elephant in the room whether the use of string dampener on guitar is a positive energy to the art or a negative energy?

To cut a long story short, let us figure out the next pros and cons based on the use of string dampener on a guitar.


  1.  No strains: The use of dampener to produce quality tempo is easy to pull compared to holding and pressing of the wires while your hands are playing it too. Indeed one strains a lot compared to someone using a string dampener- which strains less or even somehow finds it like a walk in the park to get good harmony without straining.
  2. String Dampener affordable: The use of string dampener is not expensive. The tying of hair string or rubber string around the guitar to adjust on sound texture only requires less to spend. Therefore, it doesn’t cost much to try the new trick and technique of playing guitar using a string dampener.
  3. Art perfection: The creation vs. development of guitar art is one of the most brilliant music discoveries, and due to its evolution, we can say string dampener is just but a perfection style because by the end of the day the sound is still one that comes from the strings. The only difference is the method applied to work out on that sound production.


  1. Not style of art; Can we? Consider the use of string dampener as a form of art? The question is generates more different opinions rather than accurate answers as some think yes it is while some feel string dampener is a scam to this art of strings.
  2. Authentic tune in balance?; The tune produced by both style whether using string dampener or hands to eject the tune does matter, what greatly matters here is whether the tune in balance? A fifty-fifty situation though majority of guitarists don’t in the tune of the string dampener.

Let us cut to the chase, and conclude by saying that, knowledge and trick or creations vs. perfection are like water and oil mixed. Why that comparison? Because the art of playing guitar was created and embraced while the use of string dampener is perfection.

So, both are two different styles and cannot be contrasted. Art is unique in million ways and comparison vs. contrast is like abortion to the art inventions and innovations.

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