August 15, 2022
Primal Fear Rule As Always With Angels of Mercy - Live in Germany

By Andrew Catania

Primal Fear is a band that hasn’t released a bad record.  Vocalist Ralf Scheepers has pipes resembling Rob Halford.  Screeching guitars, double pounding drums, Primal Fear just plain rocks. There new live CD/DVD Blu Ray ‘Angels of Mercy – Live in Germany‘ shows the energy and execution of excellence that Primal Fear displays show after show.  I highly recommend this CD/DVD Blu Ray to anyone that likes balls to the wall, in your face music with one of the best singers in metal today!  Rating 9.5/10 

Primal Fear Rule As Always With Angels of Mercy - Live in Germany

2016 was a very busy year for German metal masters PRIMAL FEAR. Following the release of their latest killer album, “Rulebreaker” in January, the band embarked on a world tour which shattered all the previously held records for shows played in one year by the band.

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“We started in Europe with 11 countries and recorded the concert in Stuttgart for the album and video, which is Primal Fear’s first Blu-Ray release. We continued in the USA and Canada, Japan and for the first time, Australia. Then we played some excellent festivals in the summer, continued touring in 10 countries in South and Latin America and ended the year with more shows in Europe. It was a fantastic experience for the band, and we want to thank every single fan who joined us on this great journey!” says bassist and co-founding member Mat Sinner.

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Vocalist and co-founding member Ralf Scheepers adds: “With a handy cam in my suitcase, I have recorded on multiple occasions many behind the scenes shots and funny, candid moments. We recorded an entire show right at the beginning of this fantastic world tour, and it gives you an insight to the Primal Fear live experience on stage. You will find a lot of bonus material such as video clips and different additional surprises, so we can easily say that we are very proud to deliver this package to you…please enjoy and do us a favor: CRANK IT UP!”

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The last tour unleashed the best Primal Fear performances since the band formed in 1998 – a constant great mix between power, ambition, and enthusiasm plus of course great the talent of great players! There is undoubtedly magnificent performances on this release, with excellent sound and video quality. This live album offers a barrage metal anthems in their full glory that will please any headbanger!

If you are a metal fan you, then you must see this in all its power and glory!


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