August 18, 2022
Pretty Maids Release New Song - "Firesoul Fly" (Official Audio)

Undress Your Madness” is Pretty Maids’ highly anticipated follow up to 2016’s critically and commercially successful release “Kingmaker”, a record that continued the “revitalized” path that the band set out upon with the now-classic albums “Pandemonium” and “Motherland.”

It’s always difficult to follow a successful and inspired record, but “ Undress Your Madness” shows Pretty Maids are still in the freshest and most vital phase of their career since the early ’90s.

The production is absolutely stellar thanks to Jacob Hansen (Volbeat), who has given the band a sound that not only reinvigorates them but also incorporates the soundscapes of the past.

From the album UNDRESS YOUR MADNESS. Get your copy NOW: https://radi.al/UndressYourMadness

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