June 2, 2023
Premiere of Stephen DeAcutis Aka Stevie D’s Tribute of Jeff Becks ‘Cause We've Ended as Lovers’


Stephen DeAcutis Aka Stevie D

Mixer, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist

(Corey Glover, Vinnie Moore, Vanilla Fudge)

Has joined forces with Nir Z (Genesis, John Mayer)

And jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz, Little Steven)

To respectfully pay tribute the Master, “Jeff Beck”

With a heartfelt rendition of “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers”.

I recorded Cause we’ve Ended as Lover’s about 2 years ago but I for whatever reason haven’t had it on my list of things to mix! I knew it was going to get done but I just had not scheduled the session! When Jeff passed recently, it was painfully obvious that it was time and I literally the day he passed pulled up the tracks and started mixing the song and did not stop till I started to tear up. Then I knew it was done! One pretty cool note about this recording, I actually made a tempo map from the original Blow by Blow release best that I could! If you listen close you can hear how the tempo ramped up as the track matured!

Blow by blow is a record that is very close to my heart, what it means to me is really more than just music, it is a record that is part of my development as a human on many levels. It is an honor to for me to recreate a version of Cause We’ve Ended as lover’s! It is a piece of music that defines the emotion that resided in Jeff’s heart which had a direct connection with his instrument! You can hear the pain in every note accompanied by the fire! I’m also honored to have to of my dearest friend’s accompany me on the record Nir Z and Jack Daley two of the finest musicians I have had the pleasure to work with!

This is my tribute to Jeff Beck!

Nir Z

So much been said about the great Jeff Beck, 
He really was one of a kind musicians
I’m honored to take part of this Stevie D tribute to one of the most beautiful tunes of Mr. Beck, 
With my longtime friend Jack Daley on bass I hope we honored the music, even though we played it separately in our own studios, I believe we captured the togetherness of a group playing at the same time.
R I P Jeff Beck . 

Jack Daley

My bud, studio owner, and amazing guitarist Stevie D asked me last year to play on a tribute to his favorite guitarist of all time Jeff Beck. An, almost note for note version of Because we ended as lovers. Featuring Nir Z on drums, myself on bass, and Stevie on Guitar and keys. I am also always a huge Jeff Beck fan and loved his Rough and ready record beyond words as a young musician. So, I jumped at the chance of course. We all played at different times in our own studios but it feels like we tracked it together. None of us could have ever imagined while we were doing this that Jeff would pass so suddenly. So, I am beyond happy that we did this tribute and I think that joy and respect for his music is very evident in the track. Jack

The record will be available on all digital streaming and downloading platforms 3-3-23 along with the official video.

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