Polaris Release Their Latest “The Death Of Me”

By Allyson Kingsley

 I’ve always thought that it would be difficult for a metal scene to proliferate in Australia, seeing as it is so geographically cut off as well as the wild landscape. On the contrary, it seems as though these factors have cultivated some of the most elegant heavy metal outfits that are ushering in the new generation. I’m all for it as we need to keep this precious genre for many more generations. So, I introduce you to Polaris described as a metalcore band from down under. After their first LP in 2017, The Mortal Coil gained momentum touring with Parkway Drive; We Came As Romans, Beartooth, and Architects. The Death of Me proves to be potent-by-way-of-savage. Their pacing throughout this work is brilliant as they step on the detonator to unleash remarkable eruptions of fiery magma with the conviction and imagination to tear right through this metal genre’s canvas.

   “Pray For Rain”‘s lyrics are massive, and Jamie’s vocals kick in like gunfire screaming past you in a pulverizing assault. “Masochist” pulls the listener in with its clean vocals and melodic chorus before it suddenly grabs you by the throat dragging you into a sea of pain. “Hypermania” is very intense and almost disturbing; all screams, the vocals gnaw and scrape at your insides, so you feel the agony. “Landmine” tips out of your speakers with guts and bite, fine modern thrash with edgy riffing, breakdowns, and epic vocals that rage. 

   Although there is nothing particularly new for the genre here, you still get your dose of slashing riffs, thunderous blast-beat drums, and genuinely savage roars.







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