Philly Rockers Cardinal Sin Set To Release “Lucified” in 2020

By Allyson Kingsley

Cardinal Sin is an exceptional band from the city of Philadelphia. We have Chase
Pendleton on drums, Jake King on bass, and singer/lead guitarist Will McElwee and each
musician is unbelievably talented. I’ll tell you, this album is not what I expected. Reading the
title, the album cover, I was thinking ‘aha, satanic death metal’. Not even close. Lucified is their
second album and you absolutely cannot pigeonhole them into a genre category.
At the album’s commencement, “Lucified” is satiny smooth in its structure and seems to have a
blues and jazz influence. Will’s vocals are lustrous and just gritty enough to sound svelte. I can’t
even begin to praise and admire Chase’s drumming throughout the album. After reading the
biography I find that he is personally mentored by jazz drumming phenom John Riley. Almost
perfect in my book.

“Peace Be With You” has a sludgy flair and quite an unusual pattern that takes getting used to
(reminder to self to ask my guitar teacher what kind of riff pattern it is). This song sounds like
Hawkwind meets The Black Crowes. Deliciously atypical.
“Steroid” is my choice pick, a heartfelt incensed song about drug addiction and here is where
Will’s vocals shine. Massively potent and emotion-laden, you can palpate the agony. As I am
reviewing Lucified , I am struck by the trio’s undeniable chemistry and brilliant talent.
Another track, “The Depot” picks up the speed, the rhyme pummeling between Jake’s bass
and Chase’s drums and that dirty angry punk fueled influence. When Will starts bellowing ‘Don’t
You Wanna Fight’, I am inclined to say ‘fuck yeah’ but alas I cannot pit with myself in my living

Lucified is unparalleled in its eclectic styles and Cardinal Sin are truly distinctive musicians.
It’s about time we get a whole new style in one album.


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