Orange Amplification Company

By Andrew Catania

Aside from the unique name, a vibrant logo, sound market repute and a thriving business profile, Orange Amplification Company enjoys an unrivaled supremacy in the music industry through its upbeat gadgets, avante-garde gears, value-adding effects and state-of-the-art instruments. The company produces high-grade and splendid generic as well as personalized music instruments that have become the ultimate heartbeat for musicians around the world.

When the founder, Cliff Cooper, set up the first outlet of the company 47 years ago in September 1968, little did he expect that the small venture, one that only started with a single customized guitar, would become the lifeline for hundreds of musicians in the coming decades. The shop was started with a single Vox PA that Cooper had personally modified. The only piece was sold the same day, and it turned out to be a good omen for Cliff Copper who made the product profile undergoes a gradual expansion over time.

While the company initially resorted to designing modified variants of guitars and selling pre-loved pieces as well, the master luthier was consumed in his virtuosic artisanship by designing customized cabs, effect pedals and gears for the guitar. The expansion was warmly greeted by the musical community.

It was not just about the tone though; the guitars, cabs, and amps designed by Cliff Cooper were a real treat for the eye as well. Featuring a scintillating vinyl exterior, hieroglyphic amp gears and doused to hold a royal and elegant appeal, the Orange Amplification Company has redefined the stature and standards for contemporary luthiers through its masterpieces ever since its launch.

Seeking feedback and incorporating tips from major dignitaries such as Paul Kussof and Peter Green in the fundamental circuitry of his designs, Cliff Cooper’s signature instruments were no match to their contemporaries in terms of the quality of tones. Enchanted by the unique spell of the tones, the Orange Amplification Shop started gaining the interest of eminent musicians of the era. The shop gradually turned into a hangout spot and was frequented by music luminaries such as Eric Clapton, Marc Bolan, Paul Kussoff, and Peter Green. In 2 years’ time, the company had already expanded its clientele, including more legendary names such as Jimmy Page, John Mayall, Stevie Wonder, and James Brown into the list.

The 1970s started with a booming sale of Orange amps, and the improvisations turned out to be just the right charm to impress the blues-influenced rock maestros such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Free. Within a short time, the 80 and 120-watt classic amps outclassed Marshall’s amp sale figures. While the Orange Amplification Company was basking in the full glory of fame and business, the abrupt influx of the electronic revolution in the 1980s brought about a partial setback to rock music, bringing about a decline in the orange amp sales figures.

As the electronic revolution went into hibernation by the end of the 1980s, the 1990s instilled a fresh breath into the presumed corpse of rock and brought it back to life. Several rock bands which were waiting for the tides to turn in favor of rock music immediately landed on Orange Company’s floor to fuel the booming genre with authentic, British tones. Not looking back since, the company regained its top sales spot in 1998 with the launch of its premium AD series.

The company still rules the music world and has been designing premium and customized amps, gears and instruments for a variety of genres. The company has also undergone a massive expansion over time and has ventured into designing special apparels for musicians, even a smart PC tailored especially for the young, tech-savvy musicians of today.

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