Only 24 Hours Away! Sixteen Guitarists Participate In The Debut Of 4×12

A new ATS segment is launching New Years Day 2020!  Four guitarists are asked a revealing and interesting question every month during 2020.  Four guitarists, twelve questions… thus the name 4 x 12. Just like the cabinets they shred through!

The questions have been challenging and fun for each guest. Your host Andrew Banks from KATN Radio / The Shred OGs Podcast uncovers more about our guests on a personal level.  You will be entertained and surprised by some of the answers.

Our guest guitarist lineup will be as follows…

1st of each month – Shrapnel Records Edition with…
Mike Varney
Greg Howe
Vinnie Moore
• Joey Tafolla

7th of each month – Blue Mouth Promotions Edition with…
• Mike Keneally
• Andy Timmons
Christophe Godin
• Travis Larson

21st of each month – Higher Spirit Edition with …
Frank Marino
• Roy Z
Randy Hansen
• Adam Rey

28th of each month – Over the Top edition with…
The Great Kat
Michael Angelo Batio
• Mrs. Smith
• The Commander-In-Chief

So check the All That Shreds website on New Years Day 2020 and every week of every month that follows.

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