June 2, 2023
'Once Bitten Acoustical Bytes' Proves Why Great White Is Nothing Without Jack Russell

Great White is one of those bands that’s going through the identity crisis that some bands have with former members have one incarnation, and others have another.  One group, you can’t replace the vocals too is Jack Russell.

You have Great White, which features Mark Kendall and Mitch Malloy on vocals.  Then, you have Jack Russell’s Great White, which features the man’s voice that you can’t replace.  Jack’s version of Great White released “Once Bitten Acoustical Bytes” recently, and this acoustic album reminds me why Great White isn’t Great White without the vocals of Jack Russell.  No offense Mitch Malloy and Terry, it’s just not Jack.

The album features acoustical takes on such hits Lady Red Light, Rock Me, and Save Your Love.

They recently released a new video for “Save Your Life.”  Worth a listen if you’re a Great White fan.

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