Nita Strauss And Her Rise To Stardom

By Andrew Catania

With an outrageously exceptional talent, astounding skills, brilliant pieces of work and an incessantly growing fandom, Nita Strauss is a renowned name which has gained immense talent and expertise within a short span of time and a relatively young age. She is smart, gifted and knows her job.

Hailing from an ancestry comprised of a hierarchy of prominent and highly prized musicians of their time, this is from where Nita has derived her passion, and this is what makes the music flow in her blood.

Born on December 7th, 1986, in Los Angeles, Nita Strauss is also known by her stage name Mega Murray. Her initial exposure to music started in the early years of her childhood. Belonging to a family of musicians, she began to play and learn music a long time before reaching her teens. This allowed her to test her skills and explore her passions on a variety of music and instrument, before finally landing on playing guitars and taking it further as her passion and profession.

It is worth noting that unlike her contemporaries, Nita has not attended a music school nor has she received any professional education at home. Her gifted, inborn talents have only enhanced through her self-taught learning, and this primarily is the reason behind her strong and unique style and techniques.

Nita Strauss stepped in to conquer the metal music sphere as a professional musician the year she stepped into her teenage, in 1997. She started off playing for metal music shows that not only brought her exposure in metal music communities.

Her finely carved tunes are a real treat for the ears, and her enthralling stage presence is a delight to watch. It has not only boosted her confidence but has also brought her a strong repute among mental fandom, critics as well as music gear manufacturers. She has also extended her portfolio by also testing on her vocal strengths.

Nita Strauss career profile features some associations that he has established over time. By 2009, her name was making uproars and echoes in the metal music sphere. So much that she became one of the most sought-after names in the industry. She partnered with Bamboozle West and As Blood Runs Black, for their Europe and US tours, where she made impressive performances on the stage.

The year 2010 brought a break through the opportunity that took her career to a whole new notch. She was handpicked by Jermaine Jackson, the brother of the King of Pop. During her association with Jermaine, Nita Strauss played in the leading capacity for a series of public concerts that were held in Africa in 2010.

Aside from her partnership with Jermaine Jackson, Nita has also partnered with some famous bands and music groups including The Iron Maidens, Femme Fatale, Consume the Fire, Alice Cooper, LA KISSCritical Hit, and her new all-female band The Starbreakers.

Ranked as #1 among Guitar World’s Top 10 Female Guitarists, Nita’s professional profile is punctuated with some commercials, guest appearances, and gear endorsements.

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