Nita Strauss Launches "Rock Guitar Fundamentals" Online Guitar Course

Nita Strauss Launches “Rock Guitar Fundamentals” Online Guitar Course

Rock Guitar Fundamentals is an online teaching program developed by Nita with a simple goal – getting guitars in as many people’s hands as possible and helping to improve their playing. Nita developed a 3 module system where aspiring learners can jump in wherever their skill level is, from picking up the guitar for the very first time to advanced players who want to brush up on music theory or learn some shred tips and tricks.

Nita told All That Shreds on how she thought up Rock Guitar Fundamentals:

I was browsing articles online to brush up on music theory for myself, and the articles I found all seemed so advanced for a concept that is actually very simple if it’s explained well! I thought there HAD to be a better explanation out there that broke it down simply, but since I couldn’t find one, I decided to create it. The idea snowballed from there until it became a complete system to take the player from picking up a guitar for the first time all the way through to shredding solos.

Nita Strauss Launches "Rock Guitar Fundamentals" Online Guitar Course

for a limited time, Nita is offering fans a 50% discount. No code required.

Sign up and start your rock guitar journey today. Further details here.

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