Nili Brosh On Top Of Her Game

By Andrew Catania

An overview of the post-1980s music scene hint at some promising names that made their marks in music sphere and have emerged as the worthy descendants of the exuberant rock and metal shredding legacy that has become a characteristic hallmark of the decade.

Nili Brosh is one such name who has bagged prominence and fame at a young age, accomplishing new heights and paving her way to the top with zeal, zest, and fervor.

Young, passionate and exceptionally talented – Nili Brosh stands at the forefront, among the cohort of modern musicians and is leading the modern era of rock and heavy metal music.

Nili Brosh On Top Of Her Game

Born on August 13th, 1988, in Rishon LeZion region in Israel, Nili Brosh has established a strong repute as a master guitarist and a professional songwriter. Her interest in music stemmed from her brother who was already into music and guitars. Having learned the basics of the instrument, she decided to pursue her passion as a profession and got herself enrolled at the Berklee College of Music. During her academic pursuits, she got an opportunity to test her skills on a variety of guitars and playing techniques and also partnered to perform with the institute’s top notch guitar instructors.

Her extraordinary talent and brilliance landed her a job at her alma mater, right after her graduation. Fresh Bachelors in Music, Nili Brosh became the youngest member of Berklee faculty for summer programs at the tender age of 19. This in itself is a tremendous recognition of her exceptional brilliance and talents.

Aside from rendering her services in the teaching capacity, Nili has also sought to focus on setting up her personal portfolio. She set up her YouTube Channel and started to broadcast her work to the world. Her first video post bagged over 180,000 million views, and each new video update fetches immense appreciation and applause from her fandom and rock and metal enthusiasts from across the globe.

Nili Brosh On Top Of Her Game

Performing with premiere instructors, maestros and top-notch band and musicians, and also due to a consistent and tireless haul of intense jamming sessions, Nili’s style has evolved, matured and refined a great deal over the course of the time. Having established a strong reputation of a skilled musician over time, Nili has become one of the most sought-after guitarists in the modern music industry. This has also provided her with numerous opportunities to establish partnerships and engage herself in associated acts with credible musicians of the post-1980s era.

Nili Brosh On Top Of Her Game

Her career profile entails multiple cynosures to her claim. She has been into successful partnerships with renowned musicians, including Andy Timmons, Stuart Hamm, Joey Molland, Guthrie Govan, Pat Travers, and Terry Ilous.

Aside from that, she has also played for Seven the Hardway, Tony McAlpine and The Aristocrats as the lead guitarist, for The Iron Maidens as the guest solo guitarist and also for Ethan Brosh Band. She has also been touring across continents with Tony McAlpine. Additionally, she has two solo albums along with a multitude of endorsements for Inspire Guitars, Ibanez Guitars, EMG Pickups, Xotic Effects and Peavey Amps.

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