Nili Brosh: Close To Perfection As You Get

By Andrew Catania

Nili Brosh is a 28-year-old guitarist from Israel. She specializes in heavy metal and hard rock music.  When Nili was 12 her and her family moved to Boston where she began studying the electric guitar, she then went on to study the discipline at Berklee College of Music. She got into the hard rock and heavy metal genre due to her brothers who were always playing music. This opened her up to all types of music that were created before her time. She soon became one of the college’s youngest faculty members and began to teach at the summer guitar program.  Nili started posting videos on YouTube that received incredible attention for her superior playing skills.

Nili Brosh: Close To Perfection As You Get

Her YouTube page began like any other, with a few followers and a small fan base. Her first video showed a great nimbleness in her fingers, and the skill level was insane for that of an 18-year-old. Soon her video was to become viral and to this day has racked up just under 200,000 views on YouTube. Over the next four years, people spoke more and more about this rising talent, and she began to attract a lot of followers. She was soon a professional guitarist and instructor after teaching at Berklee Summer Camp since she was 19. 

Nili Brosh: Close To Perfection As You Get

Nili has released two albums to date. The first one was called Through the Looking Glass and was released in 2010 which also features guitarist Andy Timmons as a guest soloist.  When Tony MacAlpine auditioned Nili,  he was so amazed by her skills he contacted Nili and asked her to take part in one of his solo bands along with the bass guitarist Bjorn Englen and drummer Aquiles Priester. This dream team ended up touring America and Europe.  This is where she began to work on her latest album A Matter of Perception which was released in 2014.

No one knows what the future holds but she plans to continue touring and creating albums with amazing talent other than herself.

Follow Nili @ http://www.nilibrosh.com/

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