August 15, 2022
Nightrage Brings Their A-Game With "Wolf To Man"

By Allyson Kingsley

Wolf to Man is the 8th studio album from Nightrage and its concept is the path down the darkest parts of humanity. As I am sure all of us can relate to seeing the very raw and ugly side of our species. The album scorches you with Ronnie’s brutal vocals while at the same time fully swathed in a traditional or power metal rhythm. Title track “Wolf to Man” has a predatory bite to it but not to the point where the song sits uneasily. It seems to me to have an NWOBHM taste to its riffs. Definitely potent sounding.

  I enjoyed the galloping rhythm of “Embrace the Nightrage” and took notice of Dino’s superb drumming right off the bat. Of course, that double kick beat always gets my attention.

  “God Forbid” and “The Damned” are also sick tracks showcasing an aggressive flair without being entirely unpleasant.  So if you like your metal with a bite to it, this is a great listen.

Marios Iliopoulos – Guitars

Magnus Soderman – Guitars

Francisco Escalona – Bass

Dino George Stamoglou – Drums





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