August 17, 2022
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By Andrew Catania

Shred Master Chris Impellitteri gave All That Shreds an update on the upcoming Impellitteri album. “The name for the new record looks like it’s going to be The Number Of The Beast.” explains the Maestro. “l tend to be a perfectionist and probably spend way to much time writing and orchestrating parts in the studio. I always try to make each record better than its predecessor which can be challenging. So far it is better than the Venom Record. Looking forward to the release of our new record in 2018! The music is killer! A lot of great solos, songs, and energy!” The new Impellitteri record is tentatively scheduled for a May 2018 release.  Check back to All That Shreds for up to date information on Impellitteri!

New Impellitteri Record Tentatively Titled "The Number Of The Beast"

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