August 18, 2022
Journey's Neal Schon Releases New Solo Album, 'Universe'

I’m jamming to Neal Schon’s new solo album “Universe.”  This is perhaps the best work of his career.

All of the common complaints guitar fans say about no feel, emotion, phrasing, Neal has knocked it out of the park with ‘Universe.”

‘Universe’ has 15 songs that showcase the many different talents of Schon.  He’s a phenomenal guitarist and should be mentioned with the greats like EVH, Rhoads, Hendrix, etc.

With Journey, Schon doesn’t much room to showcase his talent on the fretboard but ‘Universe’ will make any Neal Schon fan new and old excited to hear this album.

I strongly recommend you purchase it wherever you can!

5 thoughts on “Neal Schon’s ‘Universe’ Is Some Of His Best Work

  1. Been a favorite of mine as long as I can remember, this is some great stuff going on here, you are definitely in the elite group of guitarists that are out there , bravo amigo!!!

  2. Neal is one of the greatest guitar players in our generation. Technical proficiency with a unique sense of melodic taste. This is awesome!

  3. He Always leaves you Feeling Good.He will Always be my All time favorite Guitarist.He can take your Breath away with his original Sound. Nobody plays like him his originality is always in place
    You can Always count on him leaving you with something Positive.He can Sshhhredddd!!!! With the best of em but doesn’t play to show off technical ability he plays what’s in his ❤ .Always taking it to the next level.Neal Rock$ #1

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