June 2, 2023
NAMM: Lance Benedict And TTM Guitars Aren't Allowed At NAMM 2020 As Exhibitors

All That Shreds Magazine was contacted by NAMM Director of Human Resources and Administration Dana Hofseth regarding our investigation of alleged fraud from Lance Benedict and TTM Guitars. Mr. Hofseth and NAMM’s Counsel have been doing their research since people were asking NAMM why TTM Guitars and Lance Benedict allowed being at Summer NAMM with all of the investigations at the state and federal level for fraud going on.

Hofseth explained after consulting NAMM’s counsel:

  • Lance Benedict and TTM Guitars aren’t allowed to attend NAMM 2020 as exhibitors.
  • NAMM has sent Benedict and Cease and Desist Order about him advertising he’ll be at NAMM 2020 through TTM’s social media and to immediately remove their ads.
  • Both Benedict and TTM are flagged in their system, so if he does try and register under a different business, they’ll be notified.
  • NAMM has conducted their investigation into the allegations brought forth and came to their conclusions and went with recommendations from NAMM’s Legal Counsel.

Benedict has advertised they’ll be at Mannheim Guitar Summit in Germany next weekend as he’s trying to capture business overseas and will be announcing an expansion of his companies musical instrument offerings.  This is an ongoing story, and we’ll update when we have further information.

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