Do Musicians Really Need Record Labels Anymore?

By Andrew Catania

There was once a time when an artist and more specifically, the musicians were recognized on the parameter of the record label they were associated with. The talent and credibility of the artist too were judged based on the record label company for which they were associated and releasing their music.

The bigger the name of the record label, the higher would be the magnitude of the artist’s claim and repute. This was the prime factor that empowered the record labels with an overdose of power and authority that was beyond the extent of what was needed. The results were not surprising at all.

While these record label agencies did contribute a huge share in spreading the best works of the artists, across the global communities of artists, they also fuelled the talent of the musicians and brought them a fame that they deserved.

On a parallel note, it also produced an outrageous increase in the artist’s reliance on record label companies and started an undeclared rat race among the musicians to land for the biggest record label they could win, by any means.

The competition turned a bit ugly when the music community turned more inclined toward winning a record label rather than investing their efforts in making quality music. There were still some exceptions though.

The top-notch musicians and some genuinely talented artists were directly approached by the record label because after all, the record label too needed some high-priced names on their profile – the ultimate commercialization of the music industry.

The autocratic rule of the record labels in making or breaking artists could be associated with the fact the before the advent of the 21st century; there were no alternate means for the musicians to gain exposures, market their name and make money by selling their albums on their own.

Thankfully, this is not the case these days. The emergence of digital marketing and social networks has made it convenient for the musicians to publicize their work across the globe. Many prominent music names have gained their fame through YouTube and social media.

So, the point to ponder here is: With so many marketing and promotion channels in hand, do the musicians of today need a record label to succeed?

Why You Do Not Need a Record Label

If you are still a budding, underground talent, progressing through the learning phase and are seeking to strengthen and increase your experience, you do not need a record label. Similarly, if you do not have much to brag on your profile and have a small fan base, landing a record label is just not the right thing for you.

Why You Need a Record Label

If you have earned a considerable repute as one of the most promising musical talents of your age, have a decent and sizeable portfolio as well as a good count of fans and followers, landing a record label might just be the strategy you need to plunge headlong into the mainstream pool of music industry. A record label will help bring an exponential increase in your fame and fandom and earn you a significant amount of profit, regarding the royalty of record sales.


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