Morbid Angel Rocked The Webster Theater In Hartford This Past Friday The 13TH

By Allyson Kingsley

    Hello and happy holidays, bangers (hold on while I vomit in my Xmas stocking). What better way to celebrate this godawful season but even better Friday the 13th with a concert full of metal family goodness-a night of death and black metal in an excellent sounding ancient little theater, The Webster deep in the heart of Ct. Three great heavy metal bands: Incantation, Watain, and, of course, the majestic Morbid Angel descended upon is and defiled us every which way.

  Heralding this night was Incantation, and if you have no idea who they are, pause for a bit and get to know them. The veteran black/death metal journeymen having been around since 1989. Originating from the NY/NJ area and well-known as the harbingers of the New York black metal scene, they are celebrating their current album Profane Nexus currently available on Relapse Records. The musicians are John McEntee (guitarist and vocalist), Sonny Lombardozzi (guitarist), Chuck Sherwood (bassist), and Kyle Severn (drummer). With their mammoth talent, the crowd erupted into a bedlam of mosh pitting and headbanging insanity.  Heading into their third decade of metal, Incantation has had ten full-length albums, two live albums, and 4 EPs, as well as tours around the globe. Together they created a summoning of collective souls at tonight’s event, as evidenced by the fans roaring along, entranced by the cold as steel lyrics and skull-crushing rhythms. In this place, age does not matter.

Morbid Angel Rocked The Webster Theater In Hartford This Past Friday The 13TH

      Next up was the almighty Watain. I was among many who watched eagerly as their stage was set up with tridents, chains decked out with all manner of animal bones, and finally, rotting pigs and sheep heads perched atop the spikes of the tridents. The glorious smell of rot permeated the venue to the point where the staff was covering their noses — total fucking satanic perfection. And then with the lighting of the incense and the stage awash in red and orange lighting (pyrotechnics prohibited), the crowd and Watain became one. Locked together in diabolical imagery and ritualistic black metal lyrics, I felt at home, and this sense of how Watain captivate and compel their audience is truly amazing. With cries of “Hail Satan” and “Ave Satana” abounding throughout their set, I felt as though I was participating in a wondrous black Mass. 

Morbid Angel Rocked The Webster Theater In Hartford This Past Friday The 13TH

   And finally, we all held our intoxicated breaths as Morbid Angel commanded the stage with a presence that only a veteran band of death metal for over three decades can. All of a sudden, the crowd roared to life. Ripping through songs old and new, Morbid Angel proved themselves to be the timeless, savage beasts that they are. As I looked at the crowd, it was beautiful to see the various age groups coming together to celebrate a night of pure fucking metal.  This was an excellent opportunity to see live one of the most acclaimed metal music guitarists, Trey Azagthoth, and revel at his immense talent. Altogether Morbid Angel performed an absolutely stunning set. Anyone can see why they still carry on to this day, carrying the torch as one of the best in the world at their craft. The fans were full of primal energy and thrashed and headbanged themselves into oblivion during Morbid Angel’s entire set. What a phenomenal night for this Friday the 13th.

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