August 18, 2022
Mike Lepond's DeadRisen Release Their Self Titled Album

Mike Lepond

By Allyson Kingsley

DeadRisen is a new project heralded by guitarist Ron Rivera (Rivera/Bomma) and bassist Mike Lepond (Symphony X/Silent Assassins). They are joined by Livesay keyboardist Tony Stahl, vocalist Will Shaw (Heir Apparent), and drummer Dan Prestup (Midnight Eternal). Their self-titled debut album is available now via AFM Records. Inspired by classic 70s bands such as Deep Purple, Rainbow, Dio, and the like, this is a lavish feast for prog/power fans as opposed to a simple single course. It twists, it turns, it moves and grooves and is easy to get inside yet at the same time there is a great deal going on. 

Mike Lepond's DeadRisen Release Their Self Titled Album

   The instrumental starter “Risen Death AD” gloriously leads to “Prophecy”- a suitably epic fanfare of an opener. Immediately you realize their music embraces a great variety of musical textures that give their sound its unique power. Will Shaw demonstrates a phenomenal vocal sound with his refreshing ability to project the music with intense and effortless fervor. Check out “Fear and Fury” that shines with its fantastic guitar and bass riffs, and I feel Shaw’s vocals shine through.  I’ll also point out that the track “The Maker” is the song whereby each of the musicians has their moment to shine and characterizes their individual talents. 

  Deadrisen have their vast experiences as musicians in other bands under their belt and prove that well-balanced songwriting and clear production contribute to a soaring debut.






Mike Lepond’s DeadRisen Releases There Self Titled Album

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