June 29, 2022
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By Andrew Catania

The use of brand value and fame has been a hot issue in every business. Business strategies are used by all companies in every field as everyone wants to generate as much as possible revenue. Companies make agreements with many others factors in the market and use the monopoly to gain more advantage by any means. Heavy Metal music has always been one of the most critical industries in the music world, and there is a lot of competition and monopoly regarding this business too.

Heavy Metal music fans know that in many festivals, there has been a trend for many years that these festivals organizers are booking some main music bands every year for some last years. Fans want to see and listen to new bands while enjoying the real spirit of music. Instead, they get same bands performance each year. It seems like there is some major issue with the organizers or administration.

Does anyone require another celebration loaded with 35-year-old alt-rockers and EDM addicts playing to a vast horde of genuine heavy metal music fans by spending an excellent looking measure of cash? Be that as it may, the harsh truth is the stateside festival’s showcase has swelled obscenely for the last couple of years, to the weakness of all gatherings included. Promoters assemble duplicate lineups the nation over and scratch their heads as attendances lessen, neglecting to understand that fans will, in the long run, quit spending their well-deserved money just to watch indistinguishable acts by some principle groups each year.

For whatever length of time that American festivals keep on offering business as usual, they’ll neglect to draw more significant and better groups each year. Nowadays, client dedication is vital to a festivals’ persisting achievement and on the off chance that you don’t offer the value of burned through cash on these shows by introducing the better groups that are available, the social affair at these celebrations is going to lessen step by step as nobody will ever jump at the chance to listen to the same music consistently to no end.

The actual reason behind all of this is the festival’s organizers inadequate and weak policies as they are not providing their best to bring the best of music in these festivals. They have agreements with the same bands for many years and have booked their performances for last 5 years at many festivals around the United States as Carolina Rebellion, M3 Music Festival or Welcome to Rockville have booked the same bands more than five times yet there are some better options available in the form of better performing bands that can attract the more number of fans and can assure a more successful festival.

The main reason is not the only thirst for money but they also don’t want to invest any extra effort in organizing for new bands as they are using these specific bands for some time and have agreements with them to hire again and again for some extra money without focusing on the user demand and are making adverse impact on the heavy metal music festivals.

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