Meet ReverbNation Artist Johnie Jupiter

Meet ReverbNation Artist Johnie Jupiter

Johnie Jupiter Long is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia, PA. A self-taught musician, Johnie has been creating and playing music since the age of 10 when he joined his school band and has mastered every instrument from guitar, bass, and drums to piano, trombone, and violin. Although it was evident at a very early age that Johnie was musically gifted, his parents frowned upon his penchant for rock and roll and refused to support his musical aspirations since he had not chosen to follow in his father’s musical footsteps down the devout Gospel path. But, that didn’t stop Johnie. Nothing would stop his passion for music. It meant everything to him and still does.

When he was 12 years old, he saved up all of his allowances to buy a ticket to the Jackson Victory Tour, and it changed his life forever. As he watched the stage in awe, every fiber of his being screamed, “This is my destiny. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.” He looked at the faces of everyone around him and quickly realized that one day, he wanted to be that person putting these same smiles on the faces in the crowd. He longed to be a performer and had always felt that music was the only thing that made sense in a world gone mad.

Being different from most of the children his age, Johnie didn’t have many friends in school. Instead, he started spending most of his time with older musicians who taught him the ropes of the local music scene and helped him to hone skills as an artist and develop his confidence, musicianship, and stage presence. Throughout the next several years, Johnie performed with several local bands until he made a move to start his very own band, Stone, which quickly became one of Philly’s most prominent and beloved local rock bands.

After recording two albums with Stone, selling out tons of local venues, and being named one of Philadelphia’s Rock Singers of the Year in 1998, Johnie started writing and playing for a variety of diverse artists such as Heather Henderson, Guy Washington, and Jimmy Roscioli & Diverse Magnetics.

Currently, Johnie is focusing on his newest solo project, Jupiter Rising, which currently holds the #2 position on ReverbNation’s Philadelphia Rock Chart. He is in the studio with his band (Ronnie Mayer – Bass, Carmen D’Amico – Drums Aaron Weiss – Keyboards and Jimmy Tarry – Guitar recording their first album, which will be released Late 2017.

With roots in everything from funk, rock, soul, metal and classical, Johnie’s musical influences span a myriad of artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Jose Feliciano, James Brown, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago, Megadeth and Sevendust, Biggie Smalls.

Johnie exudes music from every pore, and his stage presence is second to none. From the moment he steps onto the stage, he commands the attention of everyone in the audience and always leaves them wanting more. His incredible vocal range and provocative, passionate delivery instantly enrapture even the most jaded skeptics. Johnie has said, “I want to make people happy… make them dance. I want to surprise them and have them say, ‘Now that’s the shit right there.'” If you’ve ever seen him live, then you know he has already achieved that goal. If not, you need to see what you’re missing.

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