Meet Guitarist Gia Federico

By Andrew Catania

Gia Federico is a guitarist shredder woman whose origin is Boston. She is often called Gia G and her name became popular after she uploaded videos of her new work guitar instrumental The Chase’ on YouTube. This video was uploaded in 2016 and it quickly gained 284,000 views which made her famous. The video was four minutes and she is seen playing different high-level guitar techniques including two-handed tapping, sweep picking and speed picking amongst others. In the video, it is clear that she has mastered different techniques and this made her stand out since some of the techniques are hard to master even for seasoned guitarists.

One of the main qualities that make Gia Federico stand out is that she is left handed. Most guitars are made in a way that they are better played by right handed people and therefore being left handed is seen as a disadvantage. This is a unique quality for there are not many left-handed women guitarist. Despite being left handed she was able to master playing the different techniques perfectly.

Gia started learning to play the guitar at the age of ten.   She took private lessons from an internationally acclaimed guitarist.  After she learned the basics she concentrated more on the music which she has been focusing on for the last three years. Over time she has been able to emulate some of the worldwide renowned guitarists such as big Eddie Van Halen. In fact, she regularly uses the two handed tapping technique which is mostly associated with Van Halen.

Throughout her career, Gia Federico has been able to achieve a lot including winning prestigious awards and sharing podiums with some of the most respected guitarists. She also managed to enter the Top 15 Female Hard Rock And Metal Guitar Shredders. These achievements are a show of appreciation for her outstanding talent. The achievements are also attributed to the fact that she plays even better than some guitarists who have been playing for years and others who have attended prestigious music schools. The fact that she was first recognized through YouTube also makes her more popular. This is because youtube has a huge following and most of the users are usually looking for interesting content.

Having achieved huge success has not conflicted with Gia’s interest in playing the guitar. In fact, she has been practicing to know more techniques so that she can be a more established female guitarist. She has also been making other videos for her many fans. Furthermore, she has also been able to acquire more sophisticated guitars to help her in her work. She has also added state of the art music instrument which makes playing the guitar more convenient. This has given her the perfect opportunity to let her fans know her exact qualities through providing them with more refined music. With the hard work, it is expected that she is going to become even more popular and attract more young people to being professional guitarists.

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