Mark Tremonti Discusses Alter Bridge's New CD Live At The O2, New Tremonti Album Due Next Summer

Mark Tremonti Discusses Alter Bridge’s New CD Live At The O2, New Tremonti Album Due Next Summer

By Andrew Catania  

Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips tear through hits like “Farther Than The Sun,” “Show Me A Leader,” “Rise Today,” and their masterpiece “Isolation,” showcasing a band on the top of their game. Other highlights include the Tremonti sung “Waters Rising,” the acoustic-driven “Watch Over You” and their mighty signature anthem “Blackbird.”

Also, this latest release contains an exclusive full-length “Rarities”-CD that will give every collector cause for rejoicing. The CD features the never-before released tracks “Cruel Sun” and “Solace” that were recorded during the One Day Remains sessions. The song “Breathe” from those same sessions was released as a bonus track exclusively for Best Buy on The Last Hero.  These tracks join seven other songs that have only been released in Japan until this collection. ” In addition to the regular 3 CD audio version, you can go for the ultimate fan experience and get one of the limited deluxe versions which also include an exclusive ALTER BRIDGE documentary with plenty of interviews with the band, their crew and family, giving you an unusual glimpse behind the scenes of this legendary show at London’s O2 Arena!

Mark Tremonti Discusses Alter Bridge's New CD Live At The O2, New Tremonti Album Due Next Summer

I spoke to Mark about the live album and Tremonti’s future record.

Did you guys want to put out a live record or was this part of your record deal?

MT: We threw the idea out there, and everybody thought it was a good time to do it.  We’ve never made a stand along live CD without the DVD.

Was the London show the biggest you headlining?

MT: Yes, it was the largest show to date.

Of the rarities that are on this Live CD, which one is your favorite?

MT: Cruel Sun is my favorite. It’s crazy that it’s been 13 years since we recorded it l I’m glad to have the best song to get out, and I think it’s great to have the fans to be able to hear again a reminder of how the band sounded on the first album.

Mark Tremonti Discusses Alter Bridge's New CD Live At The O2, New Tremonti Album Due Next Summer

You recorded other live shows in London, will we see any of those songs for future “B-sides”?

MT: I doubt it.  We will be filming our two shows in London when we play the Royal Albert Hall in London with the 52 piece Parallax Orchestra.  We’re going to try and have that Live DVD out by Christmas.

When will we see another Tremonti Record?

MT: I’m currently in a writing session and will be recording a Tremonti album starting in January.

You’re a balanced songwriter/guitarist.  Do you start jamming to come up with riffs and how do the lyrics come to you?

MT: It just depends on the moment. Sometimes I’m just strumming away one after the other is finding challenging progressions and whatnot. Sometimes when I play a riff that’s what a lot of movement, and it is when I heard that song on the TV over someone’s about to sit back and learn just listen to the rhythm and sing over the top and then see if I can play and sing at the same time. So it just depends on how complicated it is sometimes

Do you have an idea when Tremonti might be touring next year?

MT: The album should be out next summer, and we should be touring by then.

When will you start recording a new Alter Bridge album?

MT: We’re supposed to deliver a new Alter Bridge album to the label in mid-2019.

Any memorable moments from the O2 concert?

MT: I met the Prince of Qatar.

Do you have a favorite guitar that you use in the studio?

MT: I mean I have a lot of favorites but the studio, but for the lower tuned stuff, I’ll use some of my signature baritone guitars.  I’ll use my charcoal burst guitar for some leads.

Any Pedals?

MT: I’m not much of a pedal guy.  I just use amps.  I make the best out of the amp that I’m using. 

Do you have any endorsement products coming out?

I have my signature low wattage amp being announced at NAMM 2018.  It’s going to be a 40-watt amp.

Alter Bridge’s new record Live at the O2 will be out September 8th, 2017 via Napalm Records

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