Mammoth WVH’s Debut Album Is A Rockin Album

When Wolf announced the formation of Mammoth WVH, I really didn’t know what to expect.  There were some saying he was just going to ride the coattails of his father and any loyal Van Halen fan would buy it because of that.

When the songs/videos were being released, I was pleasantly surprised.  This album rocks from beginning to end.  I knew Wolfie was talented, but he really hit it out of the ballpark which this album.

Forget this kid is the son of Eddie Van Halen, listen to this album on its own merits and if you don’t think this is a good album, there’s something mentally wrong with you.  I think Wolf has started to cement his path to his own legacy.  Hopefully, now other media outlets will stop asking him clickbait questions about his late father and have Blabberturd repost it.

Congrats Wolf on an excellent album!


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