The Making of Jason Richardson

By Andrew Catania

Although it has been around three decades since the mighty era of the 1980s, the rock and metal trance that the era brought along still lingers in the hallways of the music sphere and has managed to retain the sillage of its glory. Many musicians came, trying to bring a breakthrough to break the spell of the 1980s.

Many styles and techniques were crafted in the later decades, but the compositions and milestones that the 80s managed still stand unrivaled and unabridged. The 80s will always be remembered as the era that took rock and metal music to a status that it deserved and where it stands today.

Many musicians have emerged as a promising addition to the rock and heavy metal genre since then. Jason Richardson is one such player whose name has created ripples in the stagnated state of the genre.

Born on 30th July 1991, in Manassas region, in the state of Virginia in the United States, Jason Richardson has bagged fame and acclaim at the young age of 25, while most of his contemporaries are still striving to find their way in the professional music sphere.

His claim to fame is not merely confined to guitar playing. He is also known a skilled composer, a smart guitar instructor who knows his job, and a master player who is completely rocking the heavy metal genre. In addition to his excellent guitar playing skills, he also enjoys a command over a variety of other instruments.

When it comes to the playing technique, Jason Richardson possesses a unique style that sets him a class apart from the other musicians of his age and era. Mostly playing on seven and eight-stringed guitars, Jason’s picks are par excellent, and his sweeps are sheer class. The depth, intricacies, graduation, and nuances of his playing technique primarily stem from his exposure to music in his early childhood years, all because of his father who himself is a skilled musician.

Jason Richardson started off with a piano and switched over to playing violin and drums a year later. It wasn’t until he turned 12 that he began to consider playing guitar. With a gothic black Gibson Les Paul that he received as a gift from his father on his 12th birthday, Jason Richardson had actualized his destiny’s call.

Not looking back since Jason has come a long way in a short span of time. Having switched over to a seven-stringed guitar when he was 14, his playing techniques have matured, with a lot of depth, speed, and intricate technicalities. He has also tested his skills in a variety of genres and sub-genres including Djent, Deathcore, metalcore and progressive.

Jason has established many associations during his career. Of all his associated acts, he is best known for his guitar playing in the leading capacity for All Shall, Chelsea Grin, and Oasis. Aside from that, he has also ventured into setting up his solo profile with his debut solo album titled ‘I’ which was released last year. At present, he is playing as a sponsored artist for Ernie Ball Music Man and has also toured with Polyphia and Covet this year.


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