The Making of Dean Cascione Guitar Playing

By Andrew Catania

Dean Cascione’s guitar playing history is highly remarkable. In the current shred guitar platform, Dean has been able to make a reputable name that counts. The neoclassic guitarist was born in New York and lived his youthful life around the Worcester Massachusetts area. At the age of ten, Dean began to play guitar and grew deep into the practice. At the age of fifteen, the neoclassic guitarist designed his first electric guitar and triumph over time. Steven Cancelli is the main person behind the neoclassical upbringing of Dean. Steven Cancelli, who is a master jazz expert helped to develop baroque music in the life of Cascione.

Dean is rated one of the best shredders across the globe. In fact, many people see Cascione as the eyes of the great legendary, Joe Stump. While Dean struggled to find his own identity and unique style, Joe Stump remains the solution to this curious young lad. Stump stood in the frontline for Dean while he drives into the career of being a guitarist. In a nutshell, Joe remains the ultimate mentor to Dean. Among other great things that Joe helped Cascione on is elaborating guitar vocabulary and expanding creativity. When Dean appeared in the world of entertainment, Grunge remains the rave and shred almost faded away in thin air. However, the only man standing at this period was Lord Joe who kept the hype of neoclassical guitar playing alive. The ability and inner intuition of Stump helped Dean to keep the fire burning in recording, playing and writing.

In 2008, Dean Cascione unleashed his first CD in title Guitar Chop Shop. In the week of releasing the album, the CD ranked number one and eventually moved to the second position overall. Dean is an amazing player when it comes to handling the guitar. Some people call him the hard rock haven in the field of guitar music and instrumentation. In 2008, the expertise of Dean with guitar helped him to be selected as a top candidate for the year’s album. Without any scintilla of doubt, the Blanding performance of Cascione is simply one of the best in decades. In a tribute to Ronnie James Dio, Dean was invited along with MetalForce, HollyHell, Manowar and others to record great music.

Dean’s guitar playing abilities have helped him to break down the wall of shred stereotypes. He often plays the guitar with passion and the aim to become the best in the game. On May 2011, Dean Cascione unleashed a music titled Neoclassical Fire. Dean has also played with Joe and Drummer Paul Wandtke to deliver powerful melodic phrasing. On August 13th and August 6th, Dean’s album on Neoclassical Fire maintained the number one position in the ranking. In subsequent weeks, Dean’s album has also being rated as one of the best-selling product in the instrumental rock category. Many professionals often see Cascione as being dangerous and great with a guitar. Experts also describe his command as jaw-dropping, aggressive, high tech and vicious with a guitar.

If you like shred guitar, you’ll want to pick up Dean’s Blu-Ray DVD titled Shred Sene live.  I’ve watched this DVD and you can see how Dean’s evolved as a player.  Phenomenal performance!!


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  1. Thanks for the great article Andrew. I first starting being a fan of Dean’s music a decade ago when he was finishing his first album. Ever since then we’ve kept in contact with each other and became good friends. I’d already been into neoclassic guitar music due to Yngwie in the 80’s. I never wanted to listen to any others from that genre but Dean was the first to enlighten me with his own style of neo-shred that made me realize others could carry the guitar virtuoso torch into the next generation. He also turned me onto Joe Stump his mentor who I had unfairly shunned before. The refreshing thing about Dean is his modesty and always feels humbled when I compliment his songs. He’s not anything like the stereotypical rock star with a big ego. I got to finally meet him a few years ago at a guitar show and clinic he performed at and it was great to hang out together and watch him play. He also gives private guitar lessons and builds great DC Custom Guitars too. I recently had him make my dream guitar that is beyond belief. Back to his music some my favorites so far are Sunrazor, Paladins Fury, Emozione, Megalith, and Kindred Spirits. I wish Dean all the best with his music and what life brings to him. Most of all as a fan I really appreciate his songwriting and playing skills, which combined with his great personality delivers the total package. He’s the real deal.

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