October 2, 2022
Make Sure You Pick Up Burning Witches "Wings Of Steel" EP This Friday!

For the record, we love the Burning Witches and don’t care if people think we overpromote them. They rock with Laura or with Seraina.  Romana rocks and is the backbone of the band.

BURNING WITCHES are not just one of the hottest exports from Switzerland. Well no, the Swiss are one of the most exciting newcomers in Old School Heavy Metal in recent years. The all-female band already bewitched the scene press with their first single “Burning Witches” in their founding year of 2016 and secured the „Demo of the month“ in Germany’s Metal Hammer and Rock Hard magazines. For sure, their powerful Heavy Metal (combing power, speed, and trad Metal influences), thrilled with great songwriting from band founder Romana Kalkuhl. Comparisons to metal legends like Judas Priest are not uncommon and it’s hardly surprising that so much talent leads to a spectacular debut album that caught the attention of Nuclear Blast Records, who quickly signed the band.

Laziness or downtime are words nobody involved in BURNING WITCHES knows. And so, the next witching masterpiece started brewing in the steel cauldron. The Book MALLEUS MALEFICARUM (a.k.a. THE HAMMER OF THE WITCHES) that legitimated witch-hunting in 1486 was the lyrical inspiration. Touching on subjects like oppression, violence against the weak and manipulation of fact – topics that are as relevant than ever. “HEXENHAMMER” was again produced by the same team in the Little Creek Studio: V.O. Pulver (PRO-PAIN, DESTRUCTION, NERVOSA, PÄNZER) and DESTRUCTION‘s legend Schmier who joined the process as a close friend and supporter of the band with some good advice. “HEXENHAMMER” was eagerly devoured by the band’s rapidly-expanding witches circle backed with a legendary performance at the Bang Your Head Winter Festival.

Although the album notched up Top 50 chart placings in Germany and Switzerland, vocalist Seraina Telli decided to leave the band in June 2019 to pursue her other band. The summer festivals then became an introductory ceremony for the new woman on the microphone. Laura Guldemond (ex-Shadowrise).Stunning performances at Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, and Rockharz Open Air showcased her versatile voice and engaging stagecraft giving the BURNING WITCHES another edge. As a present to the fans, the band decided to release an EP featuring the brand new song “Wings Of Steel” (their first studio recording with Laura) backed with 3 live tracks from Wacken 2019.  Laura has some big shoes to fill with Seraina’s vocal abilities but it sounds like she should have no problem filling them with her own style.

Wings of Steel EP will be out this Friday, December 6th.

The two things I’d like to see the Witches do is obviously come to tour the USA.  We know its expensive and this country sucks ass when it comes to supporting metal compared to Europe.  The other is as much as I like Sonia, I can envision a dual-threat guitar combo with Romana and the Iron Maidens Courtney Cox.  Even though that would likely never happen, it would kick ass. Make sure you pick up Wings of Steel and support the Witches!

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