October 2, 2022
Luthier Spotlight: Serenghetti Custom Guitars

By Andrew Catania

We’ve all read the headlines.  “Guitar Purchases Are Down From Last Year.”  You can take this headline with a grain of salt.  How are they measuring actual guitar sales?  Two things are affecting overall guitar sales.  Some people are buying used gear as the prices for guitars from the big box dealers have gone up and quality has gone down.  Others are turning to local luthier guitar shops where they can get a handmade guitar sometimes for a price of a Mexican made big box guitar.  One of these local luthiers is Orlando based Ray Patterson with his line of Serenghetti Guitars.

Ray started playing guitar at 10 and tinkering with guitar repairs at the age of 13.  By the age of 17, Ray started to build guitars and do modifications with them.  Fast forward to 2007 when Ray opened his shop, Serenghetti Guitars.

Luthier Spotlight: Serenghetti Custom Guitars

When ordering a guitar from Serenghetti, you get a very unique and personal approach about the wants and desires you’d like in your customer guitar.  From the wood, fretboard, frets, inlays, finish, and color, it’s all done together for your custom guitar to be made.

Luthier Spotlight: Serenghetti Custom Guitars

An average build takes about 6-9 months.  One of the most popular builds are the one piece guitars that have made popular.  In order to build a great guitar, Patterson says you must understand energy because wood is stored up energy in fibers.  Patterson also says it sometimes takes 100-200 hours of his time to find the correct single slab of wood for his popular one-piece design.

Typical price range for a Serenghetti guitar is usually 4-10K.  Patterson is going to be making a bolt-on model that is going to be competitively priced for what people would buy a mediocre imported model for.

Luthier Spotlight: Serenghetti Custom Guitars

When Ray has delivered your custom made guitar, he wants people to believe they have one of the best-built guitars on the market.  He says he provides more value in their purchase with the endless hours of dedication and hours put in than a big box imported guitar that they’re overcharging people for.

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