August 15, 2022
LOU DIBELLO Continues To Shred On "American Hard Rock"

By Allyson Kingsley

American Hard Rock is guitarist Lou DiBello’s fifth solo album. Lou has been playing guitar since the age of 15 and has not let up since. The guitar maestro enjoys performing live and has well over 3000 performances under his belt. DiBello wraps his tendrils around his axe and delivers unabashed Rock n Roll as well as bluesy elements to create a concoction that is caressing to the eardrums. 

We start with the instrumental piece “Driving Force,” and as the title implies, it drives right through you. The rock is strong in this one. We then get into “Jack and Coke,” and I have a feeling that Lemmy himself would approve of this song. Vocals are fantastic, and I am immediately reminded of some good-time outlaw rock. Lou’s mastery of the guitar is blatantly evident on “Love is Blind,” a blues-soaked song that reminded me of a recent venture to a Joe Bonamassa show that I thoroughly enjoyed. Again, I love his vocals on this one. Forward into “Flying High,” my favorite instrumental track of the album just because it reminds of the great times of the late 80s when life was fun and starting to get full of debauchery for me. “Beast Mode- Engage” also kicks some ass and is undoubtedly one of the heaviest songs on the album. It leans more toward a power metal/ epic metal feel, and heaven knows I love that stuff. Not to mention my friend Mike Lepond features on the bass in this song. “The Nighttime is the Right Time” is a relatively catchy number, more along the rock/AOR path. “I Love You” is really sweet and obviously a ballad. I was instantly reminded of the first time I ever heard the song “I Won’t Forget You” by Poison. Yeah, that feeling when you’re innocent and life was amazing. Our outro of the album is “Frankenstein” with its beautifully crafted bluesy rock tones, and I think I hear a bit of 70s funk to the rhythm. It’s an uplifting little ending to a very diverse album. Lou DiBello is quite a phenomenal musician, and this album made for a fun fall drive.






American Hard Rock Tracklisting: 

1) Driving Force

2) Jack & Coke

3) Walk Through The Fire

4) Love Is Blind

5) Flying High

6) Beast Mode: Engage

7) The Nighttime Is The Right Time 

8) I Love You

9) Frankenstein (E. Winter)* 

Lou DiBello – Lead, rhythm guitars, bass, lead, and backing vocals 

Ron Phelps – Drums

Stacey Krecji – Bass (4,9), keyboards (4,8,9) 

Also appearing:

Carsten Lizard Schulz – Lead and backing vocals on (6) 

Bobby Whiles – Drums (1,5,6)

Mike LePond – Bass guitar on (1,6) 

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