October 2, 2022
Does Live Nation Have A Monopoly On The Concert Industry?

By Andrew Catania

It is one of the most trending and hot topics in the music industry as some believe that the music and concert industry is being used for a planned program for the benefit of some powerful companies and authorities like Live Nation.

Live Nation is controlling the music concert industry as it is a big fish in the pound that owns Ticketmaster and venues like House of Blues and others. The core of their contention was that Live Nation utilized its position as a nationwide setting proprietor unreasonably, tying artisans into select shows – in its possessed Amphitheaters – in return for alluring certifications.

Rather than accepting a certification from a national promoter, specialists who sign different contracts to ‘Local’ US promoters usually get a level of gross ticket deals. It is a well-established actuality in the business world that the way that strong national promoters like Live Nation can utilize their income to hold incomes from a craftsman’s visit bonded until the point that their dates are finished – enabling them to cover misfortunes from poor-offering shows with salary from offer out shows. This goes about as a protection approach, empowering higher ensured installment to acts.

Despite recognizing that Live Nation is undisputedly expansive and uses its size and worldwide reach to sign specialists to restrictive contracts”, there is no confirmation that Live Nation’s lead damaged US antitrust laws.

I think the most vital thing right now is to perceive and know what is happening in the commercial center. Live Nation isn’t syndication yet, that could change exceptionally shortly at the rate of acquisitions, and the idea of their technique which enables them to increase controlling enthusiasm for these organizations, yet little exertion must be used on their part in these acquisitions since they keep current administration set up.

At the point when Live Nation converged with Ticketmaster, this was a huge national story, and there were vast amounts of open clamor and concern. Since these little acquisitions do not make for substantial national news, they are flying under the radar. Be that as it may, when you include them all up, they are assuming autonomous control organizations rather than set up enterprises, the totality of the stories is apparently significantly additionally disturbing.

What can be done?

There aren’t any antitrust laws that would keep this? Do you think this will influence ticket costs?  Would a blacklist be a reasonable arrangement or would this contrarily affect the artists’ as well? Alternatively, then again is it up to the craftsmen to join together and blacklist Live Nation?

Ticket cost and perhaps show arrangements are the main thing I could see where this may cause an issue. Be that as it may, if tickets go to high they will lose more than they win consumers and fans. I realize that any imposing business model is harming to a free and open market, yet I am experiencing difficulty seeing the future outcomes of this.

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